Stewardship Stories

Stewardship Stories

Tom Leider on his Knife River property Tischer Creek restoration Tree planting at Boulder Lake Benson at Knife River
We at the South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District have had the pleasure of partnering with many local landowners and business owners on stewardship projects. Here we share with you some of their experiences, in their own words. Some people received tree planting on remote properties. Others got technical advice for parking lot improvements. All are neighbors working to improve our streams and watersheds.

Read on about stream rehabilitation, tree planting, rain gardens and more.

"It would cost thousands and thousands of dollars to do this on your own, with the 6-foot tall fences and all. I just feel really fortunate."
Ron Benson, one of 15 landowners along Knife River who received free tree planting, 2011. Read more here.

"There can be so much tension with multiple agencies and permits and private property. But Keith and Nick didn't give people cause to overreact. Everyone is very, very pleased with the results."
David Zentner, who initiated a collaboration with neighbors on Tischer Creek for a bank stabilization cost-share project, 2010. Read more here.

"The water goes away, the rain garden fills up, the plants grow. Things appear to be going swimmingly! We like to do whatever we can for the environment. Hopefully the water goes away slowly enough and cold enough to benefit Miller Creek."
John Bergstrom, owner of Energy Plus, who received engineering consultation and cost-share for pervious parking lot redesign and rain garden, 2010. Read more here.

"My family and I want to thank you and your crew for the tree plantings along our Knife River bank. We spent the last week there on vacation, and the river was full of herself. High and mighty! The trees are beautiful and we are thankful to have them especially during times like these. Thank YOU!"
The Wilkes Family, property owners along the Knife River and recipients of free tree planting, in an email June 27, 2011.

"The woods, river and trees thank you and all the great young folks who were here planting. This is an extremely good group of people to be working for you and the watershed . . . young folks of high caliber!"
Larry Furo, property owner along the Knife River and recipient of free tree planting, in an email July 18, 2011.


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