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South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District publishes several newsletters for area communities and watersheds. These publications are meant to translate the often-technical language of TMDLs, etc into something closer to English. We hope articles will educate and activate area residents and land owners to become ever-better stewards of our land and waters.

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We send seasonal mailings of the SWCD eNews with timely conservation news, updates on program offerings, field photos, and more!
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Current Issues of our Newsletters

SWCD eNews - November 2014 issue features current work on Amity Creek, data collection at Miller Hill Mall, and 2012 flood project photos.

Conservation News - Spring 2014, watershed data collection and community awareness, emerald ash borer update, and 2014 Tree Order Form. This is the 'pink sheet' included as a free insert with Sunday Duluth News Tribune and Budgeteer in mid-February.

SWCD in the news! ~ links to recent publicity about our programs

"Creek gets renovation in Chester Bowl"
by John Myers, Duluth News Tribune, September 25, 2017
Feature article on our upcoming work in Duluth's Chester Park

"Duluth's Chester Creek Set for Restoration Project"
by Ryna Junnti, WDIO, September 28, 2017
Television news story on the upcoming work in Chester Park

"Grant aims to help keep runoff out of Miller Creek"
by John Myers, Duluth News Tribune, February 10, 2014 *archived*
Feature article on the grant we received to plan stormwater management upgrades at Miller Hill Mall, including details about similar project at Maplewood.

"Plans being developed for better storm water management at Miller Hill Mall"
by Bryce Henry, Northland's News Center, February 5, 2014 *archived*
Television news story on the grant we received to begin planning improvements for stormwater management at Miller HIll Mall.

"Warmer climate, ash borer change St. Louis County tree options"
by John Myers, Duluth News Tribune, November 14, 2013 *archived*
New southerly additions to our native tree sale offerings are discussed here among other changes to local habitat.

"Erosion program pays to repair flood damage"
by Dan Kraker, Minnesota Public Radio, August 2, 2013
Stories about some of the large flood erosion projects along Lake Superior and elsewhere, with comments by our district manager, R.C. Boheim.

"Duluth Grill to add an urban orchard"
by John Myers, Duluth News Tribune, June 2, 2013 *archived*
An article about our collaboration with this small business-owner, as part of our work on the Miller Creek Watershed, funded by Legacy funds.

"Streams fixed with floods in mind"
by John Myers, Duluth News Tribune, June 17, 2013 *archived*
This article, one year after the 2012 floods, features the comments of our area conservation engineer, Keith Anderson.

"Tree sale highlights importance of protecting land from erosion"
Duluth Budgeteer News, April 6, 2013 *archived*
Our district manager, R.C. Boheim, and the city's tree & trails manager, Judy Gibbs, talk about planting native species for erosion control.

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