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Many of the technical and financial assistance programs that the South St. Louis SWCD provides require eligible best management practices to be designed by an engineer. We primarily receive engineering support from two sources: SWCD Technical Service Area III (TSA) and the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). Engineering services are free to the public.

TSA in the News!
"Poplar River flows with good news for Lake Superior"
WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs speaks with Tom Rider, the co-owner of Lutsen Mountains and president of the Poplar River Management Board, Ilena Hansel and Phil Larson from the Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District staff, as well as Karen Evans from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

"Regional soil and water group no stranger to Cook County"
WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs recently spoke with TSA III Conservation Engineer Crystal Payment about the organization and the work they do in Cook County and the surrounding area.

"Restoration project on Reservation River 'a true collaborative effort'"
WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs recently visited the restoration site on the Reservation River and shares this report.

"Clean Water Council witnesses impact of grants at four North Shore projects"
Four sites along the shore between Duluth and Two Harbors received funding between 2012-2013 to protect, enhance and restore water quality per the Clean Water Legacy Act.

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SWCD Technical Service Area III
SWCD Technical Service Area III (TSA) is a joint powers organization of Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Kanabec, Lake, Mille Lacs, North St. Louis, Pine, and South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation Districts tasked with providing conservation engineering assistance to member SWCDs and northeastern Minnesota land users. The South St. Louis SWCD serves as the Host District for this program. Funds to support this program come from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Nonpoint Engineering Assistance Program. Project assistance is requested through the local SWCD.

The TSA has recently assisted with several stormwater management projects. To talk with someone about project designs, call (218) 723-4865.

TSA Staff
Keith Anderson, P.E.
Senior Conservation Engineer - Duluth

Mary Krueger
Conservation Engineering Technician - Mora

Ben Larson, E.I.T.
Conservation Engineering Technician - Duluth

Matias Valero, P.E.
Conservation Engineer

Paul Vartmann
Conservation Engineering Technician - Duluth

TSA Financial Reports & Work Plans
FY 2017 Elink Report
FY 2016 Elink Report
FY 2015 Elink Report

2016 NPEA JPB Grant
2017 NPEA JPB Grant

2018 Enhanced Shared Technical Services
2017 Enhanced Shared Technical Services Part 1
2017 Enhanced Shared Technical Services Part 2
2016 Enhanced Shared Technical Services Part 1
2016 Enhanced Shared Technical Services Part 2

Increased Capacity Elink Report 2015
Increased Capacity Elink Report 2014
Increased Engineering Capacity in NE MN 2014

2017 Budget
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2015 Budget

2016 Work Plan
2015 Work Plan

Audit for June 30, 2016
Audit for June 30, 2014
Audit for June 30, 2012
FY 2014 BWSR NPEA Grant
FY 2013 BWSR NPEA Grant and Work Plan
FY 2012 BWSR NPEA Grant
FY 2011 BWSR NPEA Grant

TSA 3 2017 Financial Report
TSA 3 2016 Financial Report
TSA 3 2015 Financial Report
TSA 3 2014 Financial Report
TSA 3 2013 Financial Report
TSA 3 2012 Financial Report
TSA 3 2011 Financial Report
TSA 3 2010 Financial Report
TSA 3 2014 Budget
TSA 3 2013 Budget
TSA 3 2012 Budget
TSA 3 2011 Budget
TSA 3 2012 Elink Work Plan
TSA 3 2011 Elink Work Plan
TSA 3 Joint Powers Agreement

National Resources Conservation Service
The National Resources Conservation Service provides engineering assistance to Minnesota SWCDs for a variety of conservation practices. The South St. Louis SWCD utilizes NRCS in particular for assistance to the agriculture community for animal waste management practice installation. Assistance is requested through the local SWCD or the NRCS District Conservationist.

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National Resources Conservation Service


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