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Sample Cost-Share Projects
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Sample Cost-Share Projects
Boulder Lake Shoreline Restoration On a cold, windy September morning, volunteers planted the shoreline along Boulder Lake with trees, flowering shrubs and native grasses/wildflowers. Our office assisted them with this project through our Cost-Share program. We paid for part of the plants, provided the fencing, a site plan and direction. MN Power contributed $1,000 to the effort and volunteers provided the labor.

This project will serve as a demonstration for the many landowners who hold leases on land around all of MN Power's reservoirs, but especially those living on Boulder Lake. Leaving and restoring shoreline provides countless benefits for wildlife and water quality. People interested in learning how to be good stewards of their lakeshore property can come visit this site anytime. Signs will also be posted around the planting area describing what was done and how it will benefit local water quality.

Tischer Creek Cost-Share Project - Summer 2010 Tischer Creek is a designated trout stream in Duluth, MN. Part of the the SWCD's mission is to help landowners improve habitat and water quality by sharing the costs of improvement projects. In this case, a landowner on Tischer Creek wanted to improve fish habitat and restore the original channel of a section of Tischer Creek. The SWCD was able to help the landowner achieve this goal by replacing some old, failing log walls with two "rock cross vanes." The old walls were installed to prevent erosion but were leaning into the creek and would eventually fall in. The cross vanes that replaced the old infrastructure direct the water towards the center of the channel and hold it back in pools, which is a more favorable habitat for brook trout. In addition, spaces are created between the rocks for fish to pass through.

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